Advantages of Sickness and Niche Marketing

By Sanjeev Singhai.

“Advantages of Sickness” has been most read blog post among all the posts of mine so far and that still being read everyday. That made me curious and instigated to investigate.

I found it hard to understand and could not get to root that why this particular post is most read? But ultimately like for all other things we Google, I though let me try. I searched on Google “Advantages of Sickness” and boom, I gets the answer of my question. My blog post appears on number two of search results. Wow.

Encouraged with that I narrowed my search from 3 words to 2 word – “advantages sickness.” Again, boom. But this time my blog was on number 1 position of search results.

So what is there to cheer about? I am no doctor and have no connection with medicines. But my blog post on “Advantages of Sickness” is on top position of Google search results, and that too without spending a cent on it’s promotion.

To explain, this is the power of social media and building equity around the uniqueness of the idea or a brand and the door of opportunities, which web can open for a common man. Internet is about the “niche,” which can be created around one idea. Internet allows one reach to his target focused audience and make niche marketing possible without being expensive. On the other hand for niche product/ brands, internet is proving to be the cheapest medium. Internet also allows Niche product marketer to constantly communicate with their scattered audience, which in good old days was very expensive effort and often non viable.

This also explains the gain in popularity and promotion of specialized/ niche product through internet.

Please do share your comment on this thought.


Sanjeev Singhai: 16/02/2011.


  1. Anonymous

    Like the way share your experienced with us or through your blog we got lots of knowledge….do please continue dear.(Renu lamyan)

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