AC Tractor is it a good product idea

By Sanjeev Singhai

AC Tractor – is it a good product idea?: Last week while reading the Economic Times (ET) news attracted my attention. The news was about the launch of Heavy Duty AC Tractors by Sonalika. By spending some time on Google search, I found that market leader Mahindra too manufactures Air-conditioned tractor and exports them in the markets like the United States and Tunisia, etc; but they have yet not offered them in India.Sonalika

Tractors are used in agriculture/ farming and also other fieldwork too. So there can be two main classifications in Tractor product category Farming and Non-Farming. While seeing product offerings of tractor manufacturers it is obvious that even tractor manufacturers don’t see much potential of Air Conditioned or AC tractors and are focusing on other product offerings.

Many will say that with a sharp rise in land prices and a multi-fold increase in the incomes of the farmers, the product idea of Air Conditioned Tractors for farming/ agriculture is a great product idea. But is AC Farming Tractor is really a good product idea which can change the market dynamics? I guess not.

There may be many reasons which I think goes against the idea of AC Farming Tractors.

1. The idea of comfort is against the very existence of a farmer who always seen as a hard-working person.

2. Of course, AC tractors will cost more and may not be affordable.

3. Rich farmers who have the affordability of such tractors are no more plowing or seeding their fields. The job is done by the hired operators.

4. Its AC but ride will remain bumpy and uncomfortable while a farmer is at work.

5. Usually, farmers work start working early in the morning, evening or even at night.

6. A number of days wherein AC tractor will be of utility to the farmer are very less.

Some great product ideas of current time are (a) No electricity water purifiers (b) Luxury Trucks (c) Low-cost airlines etc.

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