Few days back, I tweeted about SRK speculating whether Don2 will be a flop movie like Ra.One. This was one week before the release of the Don2. To my shocking surprise, I was immediately flooded with highly abusive tweets from various SRK fans against me using language of lowest grade. Isn’t it that Abusive Fans of a Celebrity, earns bad name for their hero.

As marketer, I saw the reaction as loyal consumer reaction. But than, I also realise that how twitter is used to spread positive word about SRK by creating multiple account & fans and also how to counter the negative word of mouth. It’s a fantastic marketing strategy on twitter and Twitter is all about this. But what struck to my mind was “ABUSIVE MARKETING.”

So today again, post release of the Don2 and seeing the mixed reaction about the film, I thought to gauge the fan reaction of the celeb.

I posted few tweets criticizing performance of Don2 at box-office and that it’s not being reviewed good. The reactions started coming slow but as day progressed I started getting abusing reactions by the fans, who started abusing me without minding the language.

Where this kind of reaction of fans takes to a celeb?

Surly, fans do not earn a single fan by abusing people or non fans. Rather this reaction is seen by large population as outrage reaction, permanently damaging the reputation of celebrity. Quality of leader is always defined by his followers. So in such case celebrity of Shahrukh Khan stature reputation, gets destroyed by his own followers and fans.

I have always been a fan of Shahrukh Khan and find hard to change channel, when many of his movie are on Air on TV. But now I am not sure after being attacked by his fans, I will remain his docile fan.

Sad Indian film stars yet don’t know how to manage their fans and do not communicate with them and directs them to create a right reputation for themselves, which help them gain a bigger stature.

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