I have noticed that many of the people when asked to tell their success story tells, what all good things they did in life to pave their way to the success. I also noticed that most of them while telling their success story are in self appreciation mode, discarding the other factors which played important role in their success. Forgetting how many times their ex-boss offered them a new job or they were struggling to find a new job and some how an opportunity which came their way, changed the course of their career and life.

Nothing such happened with me during 29 years of career of mine. I learnt that more than anything, one’s destiny drives to success, if one is able keep his grammar right.

Grammar right? Yes, grammar right… that means if you keep working hard & honestly, keep yourself on a learning curve by acquiring new skills and are able to keep your foot in the door at the right time.

Elder people say that opportunity knocks your door once. In such case it’s we who have to decide whether we want or not to put our foot in the door before the door closes.Foot

For me, my career was not more than putting my foot in the door and than to try very hard to justify my new position. It might sound crazy but I guess this is how I can best describe my climb in Career ladder. I struggled to survive with each new job change, as the changes which I made was the only option available to me and I had no other choice but than putting my foot in the door.

All 10 job changes (except one) of mine were the only choice which came to me at that point of time and I was compelled by circumstances to pick them. Today when I look back and ponder on my career so far, I find that each job change threw few new challenges to me in terms of my skills and caliber (because each time I changed a job it was not only the new job profile but I also found myself in the new industry). What helped me in sailing through with each job change was my never die spirit, which made me to slog in acquiring new skills, which were needed to perform in the new job.

Today if anyone asks me that in such circumstances was growing in career difficult? My answer to all of them is always – NO. I think what helped me to perform well in all the jobs was two things – one that I kept my business sense live and second I never gave up my Common sense. I found that difficult situations can be best handled if they are dealt with common sense and in simplest form, without complicating them.

Today I thank God for making me put my foot in the door each time, which not only introduced me to a new world of opportunities but also made me bold & fearless and threw me in the next orbit of my career. I patiently wait for the next door, to put my foot in it.

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