7 Tricks to Change Brain Function


Have you ever tried changing your brain? I mean, improving the motor function of your brain? I guess not. Most of us never try changing our brains’ motor function and live with our same brain life-long. And no wonder most of us find it hard to change our lives beyond a point.

A few years back, I read a book by Norman Doidge, which was based on the research in the last century or so on Brain Science. This book is about how neuroplastic transformation helps people overcome serious illness and help them develop new skills. Last year I wrote a blog post, Small habits which had BIG impacts, explaining how practicing small things helped me do better in life.

Today morning once again, I found myself trying out something new with the way I shave every day. Here is an account of my experience of changing my morning shaving routine from intuitive right hand to left hand:

1. Shaving Foam splattered on ears, nose, and neck as foaming was done by holding a brush in the left hand instead of the right hand.

2. Head movements while shaving seems to be completely disoriented and not in sync with my left hand holding the razor.

3. Time taken to finish shaving was almost double.

4. More bruises on skin and rough skin.

Trying to form new habits and practice them in the long term make us build new signals that carry nerves to the brain and, hence, new brain functions. Here are 7 small things that you can try doing with your non-intuitive hand. Means, if you usually use your right hand, try doing these things with your left hand and practice that for the next few months until you master it.

  1. Brush your teeth 
  2. Eating with hands
  3. Comb your hairs
  4. Polish shoes
  5. Throwing a ball
  6. Building blocks (game) 
  7. Write 

I am sure you, too, will struggle the initial few days. But if you practice every day, soon you will start getting better. Once you master any of these skills, you will see differences in your expertise in other skills too, which are not related directly to these functions.



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