7 best advises for successful sales career

In a professional career on ones, advises mostly come as casual comments or warnings by our superiors or co-workers. Everyone is always busy, and no one has time to guide anyone like a teacher. Only a teacher teaches us and measures our learning through exams or evaluations. Does that happen in our careers? All will agree, it doesn’t.

It’s on us and on our ability to pick those comments and remarks made on us or how we analyze the questions which we are asked and can we find advice in those?

Here are some of the pearls which I was able to pick in my career (in order of my learning’s) and which impacted my sales career and life:

  1. Are you as mature as your father is?
  2. Sail with the ship and then swim.
  3. When products are more or less similar, and there isn’t much differentiation, the salesman is the biggest differentiator.
  4. Know your and competitor’s product or services in and out.
  5. Never try selling hard. Consultative selling is the best way to get orders.
  6. Always invest in relationships.
  7. Think of your customers.

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