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Consumer Insight in Web Advertising

Since I wrote a blog titled “Dishonest Advertising?” something is constantly nibbling in my mind. I strongly feel that the approach of producing brand promotion content meant for Web needs to be different than the method of producing TV advertisements. And Consumer Insight in web advertising should be used differently than TV. A 3 or 4 minute TV like thematic advertisement on the web may fall short or be a complete waste. Doing so may deliver you the Views but may not translate in terms of enough brand recall.

Quality or cheap video content?

I was surfing the net in my free time and was exploring Wines websites and landed on a website But what attracted me was one of the blog posts on this website, “The Truth About Cheap vs. Expensive Wine,” and the image which they have displayed there I am using on the right side of this paragraph as reference material? It suddenly reminded me about the dilemma which most of the marketers are facing today when it comes to Video Content Creation – “Quality or Cheap Video Content ?” Of course, all highly paid marketers end up buying Expensive …