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Stupid Media Planning or Advertiser’s Ego

When you see 5 Full Page advertisements of one advertiser in one day in the costliest newspaper of the country, what do you call it? I call it “Stupid Media Planning or Advertiser’s Ego.” In today’s Times of India Mumbai edition, there are 5 Full Page advertisements of Indya Estates, a real estate developer launching a new project at Bangalore targeting housing for the middle-income group. Their advertising agency is Six Inches.

Dishonest Advertising

On last Sunday within few hours, I noticed that on my Facebook Wall a particular post was shared by my three different FB friends and I got glued to the caption of it which said: “THE COMMERCIAL THAT’s GOING TO WIN ALL THE AWARDS.” It struck me on the face, as it came across as “Dishonest Advertising” to me. I curiously clicked the link which took me to a blog “The Ad Woman.” The 6 lines blog post talks about a 4 minute+ Video/ TV commercial created for Fortune Oil (an Adani Wilmer product) by Piyush Pandey. With the aggressive web promotion of the video, Advani …

Risking Life

I guess India will top the list of Risking Life in reckless hands, no wonder India has the most number of road accidental deaths in the world. Everyone blames the Government, poor infrastructure and road safety but no one talks about traffic rules violation, ineffective traffic management and corrupt policing. The day I recruit my driver my one instruction is very clear to him: “Your job is to pick me from home in the morning and safely drop me back at my home in the evening. No matter how much I say to drive fast or that I am getting …