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How to prepare an effective sales pitch

Today a newly joined sales guy in our team came to me with his introduction email, which he intends to send to his clients as an initial sales pitch. And I ended up advising him below on “how to prepare an effective sales pitch” on a piece of paper. On completing conversation, I realised that this information could be beneficial for a young salesperson, so I thought of putting on this blog too.

Paradigm Shift in Indian Politics

BJP win has brought a fresh breeze of a much-needed paradigm shift in Indian Politics. It’s been long that under the compulsions of minority Government, the ruling parties were compelled to keep the country’s development agenda on the back foot. The inability of post-Rajiv Gandhi Governments leads to the dominance of smaller parties, corruption, and criminalisation of politics. Citizens were getting frustrated with this rampage of the unethical political class and no wonder when Narendra Modi gave hope of development, Indian Voters voted maturely.

2014 Elections India

Finally, the biggest Dance of Democracy – 2014 Elections of India are over and results are awaited. Excited with Poll Surveys and anticipated response, BJP and its leaders are busy in thumping their chests and readying for the formation of new Government. People who are anticipating loss are sulking and Rahul Gandhi has said to be out of the country, apparently overcoming election stress. But I am not writing because of all the above reasons. I thought of this blog because this 2014 Election of India is historic in any sense. The first time we saw unprecedented voting, the first …

New Food Product Development

Indian food culture has always been a mystery for most of the global food giants and they have been trying to decode it for decades. No wonder they often fail when it comes to New Food Product development and hence most of the food companies yet has a minor presence in India. Every food company came to India with their legacy of westernized food culture and most of them miserably failed. The key reason they don’t understand Indian food habits and Indian taste buds. I only rate Mc Donald’s as successful as they entered the Indian Market with a very …

Negative Impact of Celebrity Endorsement

By: Sanjeev Singhai The negative impact of celebrity endorsement is always a subject which is denied by advertising agencies. No wonder in spite of such negative impact of celebrity association with a brand they try selling the goodness of celebrity to save the skin and convince brands to keep using the celebrity. Some time back I came across one such print advertisement. I immediately took the photo of the advertisement thinking it to cover this aspect in one of my blog post.