2014 Elections India

Finally, the biggest Dance of Democracy – 2014 Elections of India are over and results are awaited. Excited with Poll Surveys and anticipated response, BJP and its leaders are busy in thumping their chests and readying for the formation of new Government. People who are anticipating loss are sulking and Rahul Gandhi has said to be out of the country, apparently overcoming election stress.

But I am not writing because of all the above reasons. I thought of this blog because this 2014 Election of India is historic in any sense. The first time we saw unprecedented voting, the first time during election Election Commission seized over Rs. 200 crores (2 billion) unaccounted cash. The first time we saw tall poll promises like cheaper petrol, 24 hours of electricity or water to every home being made through the blitz of advertising. The first time we witnessed that how media frenzy can create or influence the sentiment of electoral – the rise of BJP and Modi, rise and fall of AAP because of Bhagoda stories which Media kept showing?

Also, 2014 Elections are also a classic example of the thankless middle class to the outgoingelection Government. In the last 10 years Middle Class of this country rose, income went up, salaries increased many folds and so does spending too. Infrastructure in the country improved – new highways and airports were built and delivered. The power situation in cities improved. In other words quality of life of the middle class changed for better. Though the world economy during the financial crisis was on shaky grounds and strong economies like USA and UK fell flat, India remained firm in its position due to the efficiency of the ruling Government. But middle class chose not to give credit and vote in favor of Party currently in the rule.

To me, cash seizer of unaccounted money, buying of votes with gifts, etc are malpractices and is a form of corruption in which all major political parties of this country are involved to influence voters. Riots in Assam, Merrut and now in Hyderabad are the cause of worry for the country’s fabric and it’s people. Hopefully, as the country moves forward under new leadership, the new Government will understand the problem and be sensitive while handling these issues.

But more so over the British Constitution which was introduced 150 years ago for Indians as the second citizen and later becomes the spirit of the current Constitution of India is redundant. It’s inadequacies to manage corruption, good life for its citizen, criminalisation of politics and builds India as Super Power of World is quite visible. No wonder citizen’s unrest is at an all-time high and that’s why giving way to parties like AAP. Hopefully, the new Government will instead of bringing capitalism in the country also address the inadequacies of the Constitution to protect the fabric of India and providing a better life for future generations.

By: Sanjeev Singhai

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