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Tribute to Shaharyar

By Sanjeev Singhai. Tribute to Shaharyar: Legendary Urdu poet and academician Prof Akhlaq Mohammed Khan ‘Shaharyar’ died on 13th Feb 2012 at his residence in Aligarh. Tributes. जिन्दगी जैसी तमन्ना थी नहीं कुछ कम है हर घडी होता है एहसास कहीं कुछ कम है घर की तामीर तसवुर ही में हो सकती है अपने नक्से के मुताबिक ये ज़मीं कुछ कम है बेचारे लोगों से मुलाक़ात कभी फिर होगी दिल में उम्मीद तो काफी है यकीन कुछ कम है

Brand Managers Biggest Concern on Internet – Negative Word of Mouth

Brand Manager’s Biggest Concern on Internet: The biggest fear of brand managers and marketers is about the negative word, which can freely float around the brands on Internet. They fear negative word may get initiated not only by consumers, but also by their competition. Non of the Brand Managers wants to boldly face the negative word around their brand. They think that it is suicidal and their brand will collapse due to negative words on Internet. I feel this apprehension of marketers is baseless. To me, “Negative Words” is a great opportunity to build credibility around the brands. I don’t …

Brand Managers Obsession for Brands – is it relevant on Internet

Brand Manager’s Obsession for Brands: Today, with emergence of Internet, the current generation of brand managers and marketers finds themselves in a challenging situation. On one hand they are finding hard to lose their love for creating brands but on other hand they are also finding hard to keep their brand live and relevant in digital space. In past years, Advertising become Brand centric and mostly made to connect with consumers emotionally and talking about product USPs became less of priority. Large number of creators of advertising started believing that, they can WIN hearts of consumers, if they drive their …