By Sanjeev Singhai.

17 hours media innovation: Few days ago, while attending a magazine conference on consumer engagement, I texted one of my close publisher friend, who was then sitting on the dais saying, “People buy magazines for content and not advertisement. Brands need to learn to engage consumers around content”. This BBM text triggered me to write the first of a series of articles.

The marketplace has become crowed and hyper competition is posing new challenges to marketers. Breaking clutter to get noticed or to draw attention of consumers is getting tougher for brands. Of course, to engage consumers is secondary until you achieve the former. Brand custodians at times spend lavishly on media to achieve higher frequency, thinking that it will help them draw the consumer’s attention but then many start encountering burn-out effect, leaving them with undesired RoMI (Return of Marketing Investment).

So how to utilise media better or achieve RoMI to get noticed and engage consumers while protecting the output of the media strategy – answer may be in effective media innovation.

No consumer wants to listen to what brands have to say. They switch on the TV to watch their favourite programme, they buy newspaper or magazine to read news or informationmedia they travel on road to go places, they surf the internet to visit websites of their interest or use mobile to communicate with people. Marketers or advertising creators need to come up with innovative and disruptive ideas to create the consumer’s interest around the brand so that they are able to draw attention and then engage consumers.

I guess most of us remember VW’s talking advertisement which appeared in September 2010 in a leading newspaper. I guess this was not the brand idea but was superb media innovation to draw consumer attention and to multiply the reach of advertisement by word-of-mouth.

Disruptive ideas always hook and relevance is no barrier to draw attention. Innovation needs to be part of a media strategy to break clutter, draw attention of consumer and engage him to take on another level of brand interaction.

The fact is that any unusual thing attracts attention. The ‘17’ in header appeared disruptive to you and you started reading this article and now are at the last paragraph. The fact is that it took 17 hours of thinking to arrive at the heading and content of this article.

From the next article, I will start sharing some of the past innovations used in different medium and possible insights on how to maximise those medium for media innovation.

Article published on on 23rd July 2012.

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