1 kilometer covered – 4 years

One kilometer covered in four years – And I am sure after reading the topic, most of you must have thought of famous Rabbit and Tortoise Race story. If yes, than you are not right.

This is My Story of last four years in the city of Mumbai and my Horse Sense about it.
Four years back when I choose to get on with my current assignment with Buchanan Group, I never had clue where it will take me in time, which was yet to unfold. I must confess that was one of the most bold, strange and blind folded decision, I had ever taken (though some of you, who know me might say that I was always a risk taker).

On my return from South Africa after 3 months of initial induction in new business in mid 2007, the first challenge was to look for a small, low budget office to start up the business. The task was to build and establish non-existing business of new concepts in the India in the field of Advertising and to make it profitable single handedly. Everyone was nervous – including me and my other colleagues from other parts of world, because I was new to the advertising industry and with no background and knowledge TV Commercial Production, Marketing or Branding. I knew only one thing – that all businesses are same, if one’s basics are RIGHT. And being trained in cutthroat Indian business culture – I was confident on my ability to deliver, though I had a strong knot of uncertainly in my belly.

In August 2007, I started with first office; which was not even 100 sq ft area, where roof height was not even 6 ft. Mostly I alone or when Steve, who visited frequently from South Africa – we two, will break our heads in that small space, which was not enough to stretch our hands deciding our strategies on Indian Operations. Washing teacups or clean office at own was way of life. And that became starting point of “A Kilometer Long Journey.” We set small goals for us and started achieving them in first year. We achieved, planned profits in the first year and were very contended with what we could achieve in year one.
By end of the first year, we started feeling “the need of shifting to bigger place” and we moved to bigger office. The second office was bigger and offered us around 500 sq ft space. New office was on walking distance from old office. We started building the team and with our efforts started paying of well. Business flourished and team size too became larger. In Aug 2010, we completed 3 years of our presence in Indian market. We were seeing fair and enough traction and demand from our clients.

And this made us to think on future of business and it’s growth. And here I am sitting in a newly interior done office of almost 2200 sq ft where my cabin is larger than first office. Thinking of old days and incredible journey I had over the last 4 four years. The journey between 3 offices and distance between all 3 of them is close to 1 kilometer. Wow – what a journey.

A kilometer long journey – of learning new skills, doing impossible, gaining confidence, achieving success, earning good money, rising from dust. But most important was, finding new brother like friend in Steve, finding a family in the family of Colleen, Sozy and Brian, in foreign land of South Africa. Firming up beliefs in SELF, being able to take care of parents and family, to be in position to give back to society.

Thank you God, for blessing me with wisdom and showering me with your kindness.
Sanjeev Singhai:03/02/2011.


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