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Self belief

My superpower is my self belief. It help learn and deal with inner negative voices.

Art of War

Men are not shaped by their victories but by their defeats.

Support System

Never hesitate in expressing feeling to teachers, mentors, friends and family.

How to make my website appear in Google Home or Alexa Voice Search?

Every blogger and small website owner is wondering that how to make my website appear in Google Home or Alexa Voice Search?  Answer is simple – voice search is enabled though Semantic search. As per Wikipedia “Semantic search seeks to improve search accuracy by understanding the searcher’s intent and the contextual meaning of terms as […]

Media Convergence and Management

Recently I was keynote speaker annual event GLS University, Ahmadabad on topic of Media Convergence and Management. I shared following thoughts at the event. My speech text: Setting tone of the day is never easy but I guess this is what life throws to us. We constantly need to learn, adapt, unlearn, relearn and adapt. […]

McDonald’s India: Burgered! Really?

McDonald’s India: Burgered! Can McDonald’s come out of the present crisis without its image getting deeply fried? Above is today’s Brand Equity lead story on the recent ongoing crisis of McDonald India business. Rajiv Singh written Article seems to be an immature comment on the situation. Appears writer is completely misplaced with his thought process […]

Google services stopped working

One Plus X smartphone owners are experiencing error “Google services stopped working.’ This can happen if you have carried System Update on you mobile. Google Store stooped working on my Android Mobile, no Apps were getting updated. In fact all Google Apps like Gmail, Google Play Movies, Google+ and Google Play Music etc stopped working. […]