We all go to BIG branded retailer’s like Hypercity and we shop with trust and we hope that they will be fair to us. However, my wife with her continual experiences of over charging by such retailers always advises and insist on checking the prices which are charged by retailer and printed on the products. She every now and than encounter this and she always tells me her experiences and time she waste to get corrected the prices on invoice and fighting for the same. Today again she recalled about yesterday shopping at HyperCity and asked me to check theimage price on the product and invoice.

To my shocking surprise L’Oreal Paris Hair Colour, which she every time picks up more than one, is being overcharged by Rs. 60. This time she picked up two of them. Here are evidence of unfair price charged by HyperCity yesterday to us.

My wife says this is not the only case of HyperCity where in she has found retailer overcharging her but she undergo similar experiences every now and than with Big Bazar and Star Bazaar too. No wonder she make a point to check her bills everytime. But what is surprising is that how cleverly these big retailer hide behind big brand names and yet cheat people who trust and shop with them. I know that now when my wife will again go to HyperCity tomorrow, they will surly refund the money after haggling with her and makeing her wait for half an hour. But point is why all this cheating? Price on pack is clearly printed as Rs. 575, Special Offer of Rs. 60 off is clearly printed on product pack and so does the discounted price of product is printed as Rs. 515. Therefore HyperCity should charge the customer Rs. 515, instead they charged Rs. 575 means they earn not only their due margin on product but additional money they make by overcharging Rs. 60. Wow… this is broad day light robbery by HyperCity and breach of trust which consumer impose upon them.

image  image To me this is the case of where in HyperCity has sold us old priced products which they bought on discount and now selling on a new prices and cheating consumer to gain fat profit on the product sold by them. Now tomorrow my wife will again go to HyperCity to argue the retailer and seek the refund of Rs. 120, I am sure she will get the same. But what about consumers who don’t take note of this? What about the cost of time spent and going again to HyperCity to seek refund? With this blog article I wanted to warn all consumers to be careful with their shopping and always check their bills specially on the prices of products where discount is being offered. Please also help circulating this blog link so that more and more consumers become aware and can be prevented getting cheated by big retailers who are betraying consumer’s trust. This case of overcharging by HyperCity is clear case of violation of Consumer Rights.