How I became an Entrepreneur..

By Sanjeev Singhai.

How I became an Entrepreneur….: A story of 13 year child.

My mother always liked her morning tea with fresh milk. And as a child I had taken most of her this habit. I still remember when as a school going 13 year old kid living in Jabalpur city, 365 days of the year my day would start at 6:30 am (except for the days I fell sick or pretend to be sick). The moment I got out of bed, my first job was to go and get fresh buffalo milk for her morning tea from a Milk Dairy which was almost 3 km away from our home. So I will take my 22 inch bicycle on which my legs will desperately try to reach out for pedals and be on the task.

It was not that we could not get milk delivered at home early or she (my mother) was trying to make a saving on milk expense. On the other hand this was most inconvenient way of getting milk and also per litter price paid for milk was higher. I, as person responsible for this duty everyday (pull out oneself early in the morning in all season, while everyone at home leisurely enjoying their sleep) tried my level best to convince Mom against this. And each time I did so my Mom convinced me why milk from Dairy was better, purer and healthier option for her. As kid I could never understand her logic to make me go through this daily ritual.

It’s not over yet, almost on every school holiday I had one more task to be performed in the morning. Once I had my morning glass of milk, I would be made to go to the Thok Sabjee Mandi (wholesale vegetable market) and shop for fresh vegetables. So, I will cycle for 3.5 km with handmade cloth begs to Bazar, carefully pick fresh Veg Market vegetables from the pile of veggies and bargain the rates of veggies with Sabjjiwala (vegetable vendor). I was not allowed to pay for coriander, mint or mithi neem leaf bunch or lemons, ginger or green chillies. So once money is paid for bought veggies I will request each vendor to give me FREE lemon or chilli etc.

And this routine lasted almost for 4 years without a break and was only broken after my father was transferred to small village and we shifted with him.

This strict regime of my mother indirectly seeded the discipline, punctuality in me and also made me hard working at one hand but on the other hand taught me early lesson of being a negotiator, a buyer and a customer who always want more from his seller. No wonder I ended up making my successful career as salesman and eventually turned out in an entrepreneur.


    Very true, its the value system our parents inculcated in those early years which will stay with us throughout our life.

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