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Why to adopt future marketing techniques?

Maintaining the statuesque is most dear to human being and Brand Managers are no exception. And that’s the reason Brand custodians need to adopt future marketing techniques and be future ready in Digital Era and. When every thing is fine with the brand – you have your market share, people like your brand, you have enough advertising support and this is the time you as Brand Manager don’t want to divert your time and energy. If you think so, believe me, you may be absolutely wrong if you are not paying enough attention in terms of developing different digital properties around your brand in digital space

Here are the 7 reasons why you must consider start working on your digital strategy to be future ready in Digital Era:


Niche Marketing

By Sanjeev Singhai
On 17th Feb 2011 in my blog post “Advantages of Sickness and Niche Marketing,” I took very unusual way to explain the Niche Marketing. Today once again while watching “Comedy Night with Kapil” I realised othat how one can get instant success if one is able to identify the right niche for himself and deliver it to his audience. Kapil Sharma with his talent and ability to create a TV show in Comedy Zoner overnight became popular among the Indian audience and became highest TRP TV show leaving behind big budget shows.

This applies to business opportunities available around us too. In financial turmoil like today’s when more and more people are loosing job and are forced to turn to be at their own and also when new generation not hesitating experimenting newer areas, niche opportunities and their proper marketing can lead to instant success.

I see as one of those areas and wish that this website too will soon get a momentum.

Marketers, hear your customers and respond

So far TV and Radio allowed marketers to reach to large population and that’s why it was main mode of communication for brands with it’s consumers. A complete generation of Marketers used these mediums to push advertising messages to consumers and make customers hear what marketer wanted to tell. But it appears that now “Push Advertising” has come to a point where consumers has started rejecting tall claims made in the advertising by the brands.
But now everything is gradually even changing in India too with communications satellites and Internet. My Satellite TV Dish offers me uninterrupted viewing of programs on most of HD channels. If I miss any of favorite show on TV, I can still watch it on YouTube and there too I can skip ads.

Brand for Consumer or Product for Shopper

By Sanjeev Singhai

Whats the difference in “Brand for Consumer or Product for Shopper?” I guess in a second thought you all will find the difference. Today I am playing the devil’s advocate role and challenging the current advertising practices and will talk only one side of it, ignoring the goodness of advertising. Consumers and market place has completely changed in last few years but advertising agency’s and brand manager’s passion for building a brand continues and product yet remains on the back seat.

Advertising agency’s love for Brands is not hidden but best is that many of the marketers too fall in love with brands loosing sight of the product. Whom to blame for? Answer is, none.

“Brand for Consumers” status allows advertising agencies to operate in the world of creativity, win awards, charge client a bomb in the name of creativity and yet not being accountable for sales of the advertised products.

Customer Service of Panasonic – Nightmare

By Sanjeev Singhai

Customer Service of Panasonic offers me nightmare experience. Last week I took wrong decision of changing my loyalties from Croma to eZone and now I am regretting. I bought a Panasonic 47″ LED TV. Last 24 hours I was too busy and with a sleepless night and being busy without work. I mean, I have to stall my valuable office time to follow up with Panasonic India, eZone, Future Group for getting a TV installed at my home. Had a nightmare time following up with eZone staff and tolerating their foolish approach and behavior. Appear that my complaint will only be getting resolved when I got in series of tweets with Managing Director of Panasonic India Mr. Manish Sharma, but I am not yet sure if that can help me get my TV installed today.

Here is recent mail which I wrote to Future Group Customer Care: